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Perfect Valentine’s gift from Sylvie Quentin

In few weeks we will have the Valentine’s day here. Every women are looking for something special for this date or maybe some men to make a nice present to her wife or girlfriend. For this day you could buy online in Sylvie Quentin (UK) have the perfect present to put a big smile in the women’s face. You could check across 5 different European brands with a great selection and all with 70% OFF.

300115 - Sylvie Quentin - Soked in Luxury - MEMOIRS OF ANOTHER DAY

One of our bloggers Bea Swiatkowska pick up some item from Sylvie Quentin for this special day or any special event that you might have. This blogger locateed in UK explain and show how do you fit inside a two nice products from Soaked in Luxury. Bea have written a lovely words a post nice shots with a pink blazer and printed shirt from Soaked in Luxury.

Check and enjoy the post and also the lovely collection of this brand in Sylvie Quentin.

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